Sauna Control System Rebuild for Josen, Key's Backyard, Dynamic, LifeSmart, Home Depot, Costco, LuxSauna, SunTech, and others


This is a flat service for the rebuild/repair of a Josen Industries manufactured infrared sauna control system and touch pads, inclusive of both parts and labor.


Control Box Style
Keypad Style
Rebuild Type (See Below)

Identifying whether or not your sauna control system was originally manufactured by Josen:

It can sometimes be confusing for sauna owners when trying to determine who the original equipment manufacturer is.

Some of the infrared sauna brands that have been known to use Josen sauna control equipment include:

Cal Sauna, Costco, Dynamic, Home Depot, Infrasun, Ironman, Key's Backyard, LifeSmart, LuxSauna, MasterSauna, Royal Infrared Sauna, SunMate, SunTech, Thermo Wire, Walmart, Wasauna, and several others. 

To help determine if your sauna's control system was originally manufactured by Josen Industries, you can simply use the selection tool at the top of this page to visually identify and match up your sauna's components to the common variations.  If your control system was indeed manufactured by Josen, it should match (or closely resemble) a combination of one of the control boxes, one of the keypad styles, and one of the connector types in the pictures above.  To use the tool, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the control box style that most closely matches the control box located on top of your sauna.
  2. Select the keypad style that most closely matches your saunas keypads.  Your available options will vary depending on the type of control box you selected.
  3. Select the voltage that your sauna was designed for.
  4. Select the type of service. (See below)

Our Standard Josen Rebuild Service:

When your sauna's control system is rebuilt, we not only resolve the immediate issue at hand, but also test all the other areas considered to be common points of failure.  Any components exhibiting signs that they may nearing their end of life or are operating outside of the component manufacturer's specified tolerance thresholds will also be replaced.

Our "Bulletproof" Josen Rebuild Service:

Generally speaking, we've found Josen Industries' control systems to be well designed for use in consumer-market infrared saunas intended for light to moderate use in a home environment.

Despite having an electrically sound design however, there are a handful of components that we've found to be prone to early failure.

Furthermore, these particular components are common to all of the various Josen control boxes models that have been manufactured over the years.

The early failure of these electronic parts stems from the fact that commercial grade components are being used for a type of product in which industrial or automotive grade alternatives would be much more appropriate.   

Many higher-end infrared sauna manufacturers now build their products exclusively with industrial or automotive grade components in order to better withstand the unique environmental conditions under which an infrared sauna's control system will be expected to operate.

Simply put, saunas are inherently intended to get really hot.  Moreover, they are frequently used in places that can get quite cold.  For example, it's not unusual for a home sauna to be located in an unheated garage in the northern US or Canada where sub-freezing temperatures are quite common during the winter months.  

Our "Bulletproof" Rebuild replaces all of the components that we've found to fail on a regular basis in Josen's sauna control systems with industrial and automotive grade equivalents, thereby dramatically increasing overall reliability and longevity of your sauna's life.

We believe that any Josen sauna upgraded with our "Bulletproof" Rebuild will last longer and be able to endure more thermally extreme environmental conditions than the same control system when it was brand new, fresh off the assembly line floor.  Our "Bulletproof" Rebuild is also backed with a full 5 year warranty.

Preparing your system's components to be sent to Fabulous Sauna Repair:

Upon completion of your purchase, your system's control box and keypads will need to be removed and shipped to us to be rebuilt.  While this is generally not considered to be especially difficult, those who don't feel comfortable doing so may wish to hire a qualified electrician to assist.

We are happy to provide guidance during the removal (and subsequent reinstallation) of these components remotely over the phone.  Fabulous Sauna Repair however is not responsible for any damage during removal or reinstallation of your sauna control system.  For your safety, ALWAYS unplug your sauna before you either disconnect and remove, or replace and reconnect any of it's internal components.


USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail is recommended.  For most Josen Sauna Control Systems, the Large Type 2 Flat Rate "Game" Box is ideal to ship your control box and keypads.  Prior to shipping, make sure to clearly write your order number on the outside of your box.

Our shipping address is:

Fabulous Sauna Repair

1337 Delaware St

Suite 1

Denver, CO. 80204


The cost for return shipping will be added to the total price when you finalize your order. 


Fabulous Sauna Repair accepts Checks, Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner's Club.

When using Paypal, debit, or credit cards, we only pre-authorized payment at the time your order is processed.  In the case of all payment methods, funds will not be charged or debited (or deposited in the case of payment by check) until we receive your sauna equipment and begin rebuilding your control system.  

Turnaround Time:

Most rebuilds are shipped out for return within three to four weeks from the date they were initially received.  On rare occasions, a required part may be out of stock that has a higher-than-normal lead times from our suppliers.  Any such delays will be communicated if they should occur.


Our "Standard Rebuild" service for Josen sauna control systems is warrantied for parts and labor for three years after the date of return.

Our "Bulletproof Rebuild" service for Josen sauna control systems is warrantied for parts and labor for five years after the date of return.